Are you a freeholder or a director of an RTM Company or RMC of a residential block in Seaford?

Wishtower has a wealth of property management experience in Seaford, delivering property owners like you the solutions they deserve.

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How we care for you

It’s our firm belief that whilst residential property management is a varied sphere, it’s done best when based on sound and clear dialogue.

We realise that this is someone’s home and that they are eager to stay informed. This is a bedrock necessity, but it’s an area where other property management agencies in and around Seaford falter.

We perform our job to the highest ethical and professional levels, and we guarantee our availability to you. As we hold ourselves accountable and put in the hard work, our clients appreciate our services, recommend us to their friends and colleagues, and stay loyal to us for years.

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“At last, a team that cares about the property they manage. Very impressed by their service. Came out of hours on Saturday, all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening. They cannot have enjoyed it much, but it didn’t show and they were incredibly friendly and helpful.” 

A. Hardly

Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

Comprehensive Management

Our Seaford property management personnel are highly-trained, knowledgeable, and well-connected, ensuring we are able to provide the constructive solutions you need.

It’s Wishtower’s goal to deliver the local property management resources that Seaford real estate owners need. We’ve been committed to this locality for a long time, and we know the particular needs of East Sussex clients. We’re there for them whatever age, type or size of property.

Being local is essential. We have formed valued connections with reliable local tradespeople and services.

These critical local relationships mean we have confidence if offering top-class maintenance, inspections and repairs, and go beyond mere passing visits for routine inspections – we frequently have our boots on the ground to stay abreast of matters and get familiar with everybody involved.

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Excellence always

We’re confident of our understanding of the relevant legislation surrounding requirements such as Section 20 consultation, and our insurance guidance via a network of professional brokers helps clients to ensure that cover is appropriate, and any conditions adhered to.

Wishtower guarantees first-class property management throughout Seaford and establishes good dialogue with all parties that have an interest. With us, you will always understand the current situation with your premises, and be able to look forward to the future with stability.

As expected, we adhere to the stipulations outlined by our professional affiliations; you can know we operate to the highest standards. But we are also known for our common sense and the fair way we treat everyone.

Working for you, you’ll see straightforward administration and upkeep of your Seaford property, taking the stress out of property management.

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Why settle for 80%? Get the #Extra20

“We couldn’t be happier that Wishtower is looking after our property. The difference in service since they have taken on the role is eye-opening.”

Mr S. Harris

Doing that bit more

We like to go above and beyond what every client expects. Receiving an e-mail expressing gratitude for our hard work reminds us why we do it so we’re always striving for a robust collaboration founded on mutual courtesy and high competence.

Property owners in Seaford come to us because we are honest and reliable. We’re here to answer your e-mails or take your calls. Have a discussion with one of our specialists, rather than a call centre, and they’ll tell you just how Wishtower can help.

We’ve been dependable for the best property management across the Seaford area for years. You can rely on us too.

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