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Making sure your building is well-maintained and properly protected by an experienced asset management team is vitally important — it is, after all, your most substantial investment.

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The 80%.

Wishtower offers long-term asset management services. As do other property management companies. Like them, we work to protect your building’s value without undue risk or loss: by drafting and executing business plans, and engaging with and managing your tenants.

However, our 20% stand out is we proactively manage properties and operate a dedicated model to manage the investment’s entire life-cycle — which means we’re uniquely positioned to help our clients.

The 20%.

Property managers will make sure the property is looked after – the lease is compliant… the rents are collected… – but Asset Management is a step further: it’s more a partnership with the investor to make sure they make the decisions that enhance the value of their assets. That’s what we can offer you.

Our property asset management team – with chartered surveyors and Institute of Residential Property Managers associates – goes even further: we hand-hold and we support you. Many property managers will declare a problem or ask ‘What do you want?’ — whereas we discuss and say ‘With our experience, this is what we would do.’

We offer our take and expertise on everything from formulating programme of works, to overseeing fund collection, to all-important legal issues. Through our asset management programme – and team know-how – Wishtower can help you get the most out of your building. For a lifetime.

We’ll support you so your assets are protected, along with your interests …

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‘It means making sure the call is returned before going home at night’

‘It means respecting all the parties needed to make a property tick over’

‘It means clean, simple agreements. No “charging fees on fees” from us’

‘It means giving clients and end users the highest level of service at all times’

‘It means great organisation and great communication’


Happy Clients

Don’t just take our word for it.

"Earlier this year the directors of our block of flats in central Eastbourne instructed Wishtower. The enthusiasm and knowledge that they applied in tackling the numerous problems left by the previous agents was eye opening. There’s still some way to go to resolving all our problems, but I personally have no doubt our block, of 26 flats, is in the best hands possible."

Mr R. HopkinsRTM director

“The Wishtower team are a step up. Very friendly, very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable. I accept property management will feel like herding cats sometimes, however Wishtower are incredibly efficient and helpful under some pretty difficult circumstances. I would happily recommend them to other residential blocks looking for good quality management companies.”

Mr & Mrs A. WilliamsRTM directors

“Wishtower took on a portfolio of commercial properties for the Trustees. They are transforming the offering – leases have been regeared, maintenance plans have been established, complaints from tenants have all but stopped. They obviously have the structure in place to deal with whatever issues are thrown at them. Not only have they increased income but they have secured the underlying asset and protected value.”

Trustees of the J. Mann Portfolio

“What a lovely team. It’s never nice to receive a huge and unexpected bill from managing agents but at least they spared the time to liaise with all of the leaseholders. All of the questions we had were answered fully and effectively. Whilst it was a bitter pill to swallow, hats off to them for their personable approach.”

Mrs P. BartlettLeaseholder

We have found Wishtower to be efficient and helpful with every aspect of running our flats. Any problem, however small, has been dealt with quickly and pleasantly. These are the absolute best agents that we have had. We would rather pay an agent that we can trust to put our interests first and maintain the property to a high standard. There is no comparison to the previous agents we have had. Wishtower are the best agents that we could wish for.

Mr & Mrs R NeishLeaseholders

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for all your help with the sale of my flat. I understand that you were bombarded with enquiries and responded to all of them quickly and reliably, and I really do appreciate that. I'm also sorry that it was made so difficult! We have exchanged today, and you played a big part in making that happen. So thank you again, you've been great!

Ms J KrayLeaseholder

Need to know more?

Our proactive team of qualified and experienced chartered surveyors and property managers provide consultancy advice and management services to developers, funds and large portfolio landlords to optimise the financial value of assets over their lifecycle.

We track and monitor the financial value and can provide practical solutions to immediate concerns as well as strategic advice for longer term planning.

Property asset management is the process of developing, maintaining, operating and selling property assets in the most efficient or cost-effective way.

Wishtower works with individuals, companies and trustees to administer their property investment in order to achieve financial objectives.

Wishtower helps clients add value by, for example:

  • Effective leasing
  • Capital reinvestment
  • Property management

Development potential

The simplest way to understand the role of an asset manager is if you think of them as a custodian of your property. This is why experience is key. The experience Wishtower has allows us to analyse all the options available to assess which would be most likely to achieve the desired results. In addition, we can also identify potential risks and support you through the decision-making process.

However, it’s not all about spreadsheets and sensitivity analysis. Our experience in asset management has highlighted how important developing relationships with all interested parties (client, tenant, contractors etc) is absolutely critical to successful asset management.

Effective property asset management, whether a shop, office, industrial unit or shopping centre, requires co-ordination across numerous organisations and with multiple parties. Fostering, developing and nurturing relationships is half the battle, but done successfully has been shown to improved desired outcomes.

We take the time to understand your objectives and motivations, and this information is considered in the context of what we observe in the wider market, over many years. This way we can support you in taking the critical decisions that impact an asset’s value.

As you would expect, our team is highly regulated, predominantly by the RICS. Our Chartered Surveyors and qualified property managers keep on top of the complex challenges that are presented, and ensure that we keep our clients compliant with changes and developments in legislation and best practice.

We want to go the extra mile. We don’t think it’s ok to do ‘just enough’. We want to make ourselves available, to offer advice based on experience, to protect all the involved parties and to broker strong, last-lasting relationships.


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