If you’re serious about commercial property management in the Seaford region, why wouldn’t be you considering a respected management team that can help with property services including rent collection, service charges, lease advice and ensuring compliance with current legislation?

A team that believes that good relationships are at the heart of good property management in Seaford.

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How we care for you

At Wishtower, we believe in doing more than turning up to collect the rent. There will be no long-term rent security for our clients if the property has dwindling occupancy resulting from poor maintenance and lacklustre relations with the tenant. You may also be exposed to unknown health and safety liabilities if communications between the stakeholders aren’t effective.

That’s why Wishtower is different. We’re commercial property specialists known across the Seaford area for our years of assistance to property owners and investors like you.

Wishtower’s unrivalled expertise guides you through the property management process and shoulders the hassle, so you don’t have to.

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“At last, a team that cares about the property they manage. Very impressed by their service. Came out of hours on Saturday, all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening. They cannot have enjoyed it much, but it didn’t show and they were incredibly friendly and helpful.” 

A. Hardly

Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

Comprehensive management

When it comes to commercial property in Seaford, our in-house team are experts in managing all types of properties. Look no further for the highest quality property management in Seaford. Our team welcomes you to our office for a chat about the properties you own or intend to buy.

We’ll then develop a tailored plan so that we can take the stress from you and let you enjoy the income instead.

The Wishtower team comprises the most knowledgeable professionals in the Sussex area. The process is not just collecting the rent, as other letting companies will perhaps tell you. Preventative maintenance and inspection schedules, legalities and insurance have to be taken care of too.

We address all these matters so that you have nothing to fret over. That’s our job.

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Excellence always

Collecting rent is a major consideration for clients. Taking steps to ensure a continued flow of income requires a team who knows the property management business.

But rent collection is always about more than it seems. Having a long-term, predictable, secure income from a property depends on having good relationships with your tenants. With our support, your properties in Seaford will get the preventative attention they need to keep them in excellent condition, limiting the risks of high tenant turnover.

We have the expertise and skill to stabilise your property income stream. We want you to count on that income further down the road.

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Why settle for 80%? Get the #Extra20

“We couldn’t be happier that Wishtower is looking after our property. The difference in service since they have taken on the role is eye-opening.”

Mr S. Harris

Repairs, improvements, checks

You need to properly steward your building. Our property management staff in Seaford build honest relationships with tenants, acknowledging property management is an alliance between all stakeholders.

The benefit to developing those relationships is to keep great tenants, care for them, and, as a result, secure your earnings. That’s just what Wishtower aims to support you with.

Maintenance, repair and precautions involve being proactive and supplying effective solutions to the variety of issues that impact properties. Frequent visits provide assurance that buildings are in the proper order to satisfy the needs of all involved – tenants and owners.

Consult a property management business that knows the Seaford community and has terrific connections with local tradespeople who will get the job done correctly at the first opportunity.

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