Directors and freeholders of RTM Companies or RMCs of residential properties in Newhaven, read on.

Wishtower has years of experience in property management in Newhaven, supplying satisfied building proprietors with the services they need.

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Supporting people and property

Although we understand that there are many functional aspects to managing residential properties, we believe the primary basis for effective management is ensuring clear and accurate dialogue.

We appreciate that this is your property and you are anxious to know what’s going on. To us, this is an understandable concern, but it’s an area where other property management companies under-deliver.

We see hard-earned reward and accountability as our core values. We work to the most professional and ethical benchmarks and are always there for you. Those who use our services recommend us to their colleagues and stay with us as clients for the long term.

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“The Wishtower team are a step up. Very friendly, very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable. I accept property management will feel like herding cats sometimes, however Wishtower are incredibly efficient and helpful under some pretty difficult circumstances. I would happily recommend them.”

Mr & Mrs A. Williams, RTM director

Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

Professional, supportive service

Our Newhaven property management professionals are highly trained experts, well informed on the necessary legal requirements.

It’s Wishtower’s duty to administer the local property management services that Newhaven clients want and need. We have many years’ experience working in this region of the country. We appreciate the local needs of East Sussex-based residents and building owners in managing residential properties.

Being local means a lot in our experience. We are connected with reputable local contractors whose professionalism means excellent repairs, scheduled upkeep, and speedy response times. We’re out there doing more than mere quarterly visits – we’re at the premises regularly to ensure everything is going well and to get familiar with the people who matter.

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Repairs, improvements, checks

Ensuring that we provide you with fantastic property management in Newhaven is our goal, and you can be confident that we have got you covered.

We address all parts of residential property management, from reactive repairs and regular preventative maintenance to credit control, arrears management and service charge administration. We provide guidance on Section 20 consultation and work with you to ensure you have the correct insurance solutions for your circumstances.

We call on our qualifications and expertise as Chartered Surveyors and qualified IRPM managers so that there is never any doubt that we act according to the codes of professional bodies. But we also never overlook the need to treat people as they would like to be treated and use practical common sense.

Wishtower is ready to work hard on your side to guarantee the management of your Newhaven property goes without a hitch.

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Why settle for 80%? Get the #Extra20

“What a lovely team. It’s never nice to receive a huge or unexpected bill from managing agents but at least they spared the time to liaise with all of the leaseholders. All of the questions we had were answered fully and effectively. Whilst it was a bitter pill to swallow, hats off to them for their personable approach.”

Mrs P. Bartlett, leaseholder

Aiming high

We’re known for exceeding what’s expected. It does make it all worthwhile when we receive a telephone message thanking us for our hard work. We recognise residential property management as a solid partnership based on mutual professionalism and honesty.

When it comes to property management in Newhaven, you’ll see why we’re the best. Remember, we’re always on the other end of the telephone or inbox. Reach out person-to-person to one of our locally based staff, not a call centre, and you’ll see why Wishtower is the ”go-to” firm for stress-free property management services.

We’ve delivered successful property management across the Newhaven area for a long time – let’s get you the service you need.

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