If you’re serious about commercial property management in the Newhaven region, you’re right to seek the support of a respected and experienced management team with thorough knowledge of all the different nuances that commercial properties can throw up.

Wishtower is just that. We’ve been managing all types of commercial property since 2009, and our Newhaven team has unrivalled expertise.

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When it comes to commercial property in Newhaven, our in-house team are experts in managing all types of properties – including retail, office, industrial, multi-let and mixed use.

The Wishtower team is comprised of highly experienced experts who know all the relevant aspects of the property sector that impact investors and property owners. It’s not just about collecting rent, despite what other agencies might tell you. We will also take the lead on maintenance, inspections, legislations, and insurance – ensuring that you are not falling foul of any of your responsibilities.

We take care of these issues, so you don’t have to worry. That’s why we’re here.

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Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

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Collecting rent is of course still a key aspect. Taking steps to ensure a continued flow of income requires a team that knows what is important in property management.

However, Wishtower possesses the expertise and skill to know that rent collection is connected to other areas of importance for a client, and as such we manage all aspects of commercial property in Newhaven.

We ensure stability so that you can rely on your income into the future.

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Repairs, improvements, checks

Delivering excellence means managing all aspects of the property correctly. Our property management team in Newhaven fosters good relationships with your tenants, built on factors including reliable property inspections and maintenance repair programmes and excellent upkeep, so you never end up in that cycle of high turnover. Keep good tenants, good repair, and ensuring your income. That’s what Wishtower brings you.

Servicing, maintenance and precautionary measures are all about being proactive in delivering quality. Our routine surveys assure that properties are in proper condition to serve the requirements of all involved parties – tenants and landlords alike.

Talk to a property management company that will take charge of the preventative measures that mean your premises are never in disrepair and that has developed superb relationships with local tradespeople in the Newhaven area to ensure that action can be taken as quickly as needed…

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“At last, a team that cares about the property they manage. Very impressed by their service. Came out of hours on Saturday, all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening. They cannot have enjoyed it much but it didn’t show and they were incredibly friendly and helpful.”

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Ethical business practices

We practice to the fullest ethical and business conduct – that’s why our clients rely on us, share our reputation with their colleagues and return to our office many times over.

To ensure we’re always informed on current regulations and any forthcoming changes, we are fully regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and are members of the Property Redress Scheme (PRS).

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