When RMC and RTM property owners come to our Lewes experts, they get the expert help they need for the smooth running of their premises.

Wishtower is a local expert with the know-how and experience for property management in Lewes, delivering landlords and owners the required solutions.

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Action and accountability

We’ve long believed that honest, direct dialogue with no nonsense is the best way to get property management done right. Our glowing portfolio of happy clients proves our ethos is well-placed.

We know it’s fundamental that you get the information and communication you need about your property. Communicating with the client is paramount, and yet it can be a factor that other property management agencies neglect.

You’ll see that our dedication to responsible running and hard work makes it no surprise that we’re recommended by clients who choose us repeatedly.

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“At last, a team that cares about the property they manage. Very impressed by their service. Came out of hours on Saturday, all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening. They cannot have enjoyed it much, but it didn’t show and they were incredibly friendly and helpful.” 

A. Hardly

Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

We know your area

Offering the best professional services, our property management team is seasoned in dealing with the challenges in this business.

Wishtower’s job is to ensure residential property leaseholders and owners in Lewes have the information and guidance to run their properties smoothly. We have been doing business in the East Sussex area for many years and know the demands of residential and mix-use property management.

Community counts. We’ve established excellent links with trusted tradespeople who ensure your property gets swift repairs and frequent checks. Understanding the local community means we know the specific demands of that area.

We don’t just do the bare minimum, only turning up for quarterly visits. Instead, we’re always there whenever there’s a way that your property could be improved.

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You’ll face specific challenges in your property management, and you need the right people to help overcome them. We give you no-fuss Section 20 and insurance guidance, and you can stop worrying about repairs, arrears, and billing. We do it all for leaseholders and property owners in Lewes.

The condition and upkeep of your premises are communicated to you frequently by our local team. You’ll be able to plan for the future and set a budget to get more from your property. We talk to all parties, from tenants to local government and trade bodies, so that any issues can be sorted out fast.

Our team comprises chartered surveyors and experts with IRPM accreditation, all chosen not just for their expertise but their fantastic customer service. Our professional credentials show that we’re always on the right side of compliance. Treating people courteously and using common sense has seen us dominate the residential management market.

Our history of property management in Lewes means no one is better qualified to help you solve the problems you face in that business.

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Why settle for 80%? Get the #Extra20

“We couldn’t be happier that Wishtower is looking after our property. The difference in service since they have taken on the role is eye-opening.”

Mr S. Harris

Courtesy and compliance

We always go the extra mile. Receiving emails and calls thanking us for our efforts reminds us why we do this in the first place. We see residential property management as a matter of effective partnerships built on courtesy and competence.

Get in touch with our team for Lewes’s best property management service. Our specialists are ready to take your calls and answer your emails so we can get you the results you want.

We have been helping Lewes people achieve their residential property management for years. Let us help you achieve your goals too.

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