Own or manage an RTM business or RMC for residential premises in Haywards Heath?

Wishtower provides sound block property management advice in Haywards Heath, giving property owners and landlords the support they want.

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The service you deserve

Although property management can be complex, we believe it can all be done through effective management based on an honest and open relationship.

We know that your real estate means a lot to you and that you want to be kept informed at all times. Giving you this information is a staple service, but sadly many property management outlets don’t do enough to establish communication with their clients.

You can trust our dedication to stewardship and hard work. We abide by rigorous professional standards when working for you. That’s why our clients turn to us, endorse us and choose us every time.

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“The Wishtower team are a step up. Very friendly, very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable. I accept property management will feel like herding cats sometimes, however Wishtower are incredibly efficient and helpful under some pretty difficult circumstances. I would happily recommend them to other residential blocks looking for good quality management companies.”

Mr & Mrs A. Williams, RTM director

Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

Local matters

Our property agents in Haywards Heath are trained, experienced and networked to deliver the professional service you expect.

Wishtower provides property owners and leaseholders in Haywards Heath with the expertise to succeed. We have been working in the region for many years and know the unique residential property needs of clients in West Sussex.

We must value community. We have forged enduring ties with trusted local contractors whose expertise allows for prompt maintenance and repairs. Being local to the district means we can visit your property more than just four times a year.

Whatever the challenges that pop up in your property management, rest assured that Wishtower knows the way forward.

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Admin and advice

We take care of all property management concerns, from prompt repairs to invoicing and credit management. For years we have been giving our clients informed guidance on areas like Section 20 consultations and insurance brokers. Property professionals, tenants and landlords in Haywards Heath speak highly of the Wishtower service.

We’ll ensure you always know how your premises are doing regarding their condition and use. You’ll find it easier to plan and budget when you have a service on your side that gives you the information you need. We liaise with everyone involved – directors, leaseholders, residents and contractors – to get any issues resolved fast.

As accredited IRPM executives and chartered surveyors, we have the professional background that enables us to empower you with the proper management. You’ll find we deliver all our services with unbeatable customer care.

The experience we’ve earned through the years means your property in Haywards Heath will always be in good hands, wherever the sector goes or how the economy performs.

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Why settle for 80%? Get the #Extra20

“The Wishtower team were superb. They are extremely helpful and clearly explained the issue which had arisen. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Mrs L. M. Stam

Making your life easier

Our ambition is to beat people’s expectations. When we receive an email or call saying thank you for our service, we’re reminded why we do it. We see residential property management as an effective relationship built on trust and competence.

Landlords, leaseholders, and owners depend on Wishtower for their property management needs. We’re local to you and ready to discuss how we can give you the service you need to succeed further.

Talk to a Haywards Heath property management service that will work hard to ensure you reach your objectives.

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