Are you a freeholder or a director of an RTM Company or RMC of a residential block in Eastbourne?

Wishtower has years of property management experience in Eastbourne, providing satisfied property owners with the solutions they demand.

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How we serve you

We believe that, whilst residential property management services are varied, effective property management is predominantly driven by clear and proper communication. We are acutely aware this is either your home or your investment and you will be eager to keep on top of what’s happening. It’s a basic need, but it’s where other property managers in and around Eastbourne fall short.

Our ethos is accountability and hard-earned reward. We operate to the strictest professional and ethical levels, and we make ourselves available to you. That’s why our clients trust us, refer others to us, and use our services repeatedly.

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“The Wishtower team are a step up. Very friendly, very easy to deal with and very knowledgeable. I accept property management will feel like herding cats sometimes, however Wishtower are incredibly efficient and helpful under some pretty difficult circumstances. I would happily recommend them to other residential blocks looking for good quality management companies.”

Mr & Mrs A. Williams, RTM director

Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

We’re local

Our Eastbourne property management staff are skilled, experienced, well-connected and well-informed, so they can deliver the effective services you need.

It’s Wishtower’s mission to provide the local property management services that Eastbourne building owners and leaseholders demand. We’ve been serving this local area for years, understanding the particular needs of East Sussex based clients on the administration of residential blocks, developments, and mixed-use buildings.

Being local matters. We have built long-established links with trusted local contractors whose expertise ensures effective maintenance, servicing and repairs can be delivered quickly. It also means that we can do more than just quarterly inspections – we’re on site a lot more than that to keep on top of things and get to know everyone involved.

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There for you

When it comes to property management, building owners in Eastbourne can be confident that we do it all.

We cover all aspects of residential property management, from reactive repairs and planned preventative maintenance to service charge accounting and credit control. We also provide straightforward guidance on Section 20 consultation and insurance arrangements.

We consider the role of property management to really be one of people management, bringing people together to ensure your property is well maintained, there is clear communication, and all parties are happy.

We naturally draw on our knowledge as Chartered Surveyors and qualified IRPM managers so that our clients can be confident we act on all requirements determined by our professional memberships. However, we also use our common sense and treat people as we would want to be treated.

We are there for you in whichever capacity you own or run a property in Eastbourne.

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Why settle for 80%? Get the #Extra20

“The Wishtower team were superb. They are extremely helpful and clearly explained the issue which had arisen. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Mrs L. M. Stam

The extra mile

We like to exceed expectations. Receiving a call thanking us for our hard work makes it all worthwhile. We see residential property management as an effective partnership built on mutual professionalism and respect.

For property management in Eastbourne, you can rely on us. We’re always on call. Speak to one of our local professionals, not a call centre, and they’ll advise you on any property issues and find solutions.

We’ve been dedicated to successful property management across the Eastbourne area for years – let us help you.

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