Right to Manage (RTM) and Residential Management Company (RMC) directors frequently come to Wishtower for their residential property management solutions in Burgess Hill.

Wishtower is the property management expert. We are seasoned in the management of properties so that owners, managers, landlords, and tenants are all happy.

Are you interested in speaking to our specialists in West Sussex about a tailor-made approach to residential management?

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Residential property management can indeed have its challenges. We believe in talking straight with our clients about the solutions they need.

Giving property owners the information they need is fundamental to our service. Although this straight communication is essential, many other property management companies in Burgess Hill struggle with this.

But at Wishtower, you can depend on our hard work and communication. We comply with strict conduct standards and are always thinking about how we can help you more. Our clients recommend us and choose us as their go-to property management service.

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“Earlier this year the directors of our block of flats in central Eastbourne instructed Wishtower. The enthusiasm and knowledge that they applied in tackling the numerous problems left by the previous agents was eye opening. There’s still some way to go to resolving all our problems, but I personally have no doubt our block, of 26 flats, is in the best hands possible.”

Mr R. Hopkins, RTM director

Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

We understand the area

Our Burgess Hill property management team comprises professionals with the connections you need to complete maintenance and inspections on time and to a high standard. Wishtower’s mission is to explain your property management challenges and show you the information and contacts needed to overcome them.

We have been working in the Burgess Hill area so long that we know the actual demands on property owners running residential and mix-used premises. Community is key. We’ve got the network sorted, which means we only use trusted contractors to get maintenance, inspections, and certification done right. Knowing the community and being available in the area means we do more than visit once a quarter.

Whatever the challenges, you’ll find we’ve got the answers to realise your property management ambitions.

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Repairs, visits, admin

A host of challenges will come up when managing a property. At Wishtower, we’ve seen them all before; for example, we give straightforward Section 20 advice and insurance guidance. You can stop worrying about billing, arrears, and credit – we get all these administrative tasks done for you.

You’ll receive regular updates about the condition of your property and will always be informed about anything we feel could be improved. That way, you have the information you need to budget for the future. We talk to tenants, local authorities, and tradespeople to get any issues resolved in no time.

Own a property? Wishtower has the know-how to help you realise your ambitions in property management.

Of course, we use our background as chartered surveyors and registered IRPM executives to give those with property responsibilities in Burgess Hill the superior customer care they deserve. Our professional associations underpin our credibility. But we use common sense and good manners too.

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Why settle for 80%? Get the #Extra20

“Excellent service – quick, accurate and genuinely seemed to care about us. Always kept up informed as to what was going on.”

Ms. F. Wallis

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Our goal is to surpass people’s expectations. When we receive an email or phone call expressing gratitude for our hard work, it makes it all worthwhile. We view residential property management as a partnership based on respect and professionalism.

We are the people to contact for property block management in Burgess Hill. We’re always on hand to respond to your calls or emails. Talk to one of our professionals today, and they’ll guide you and help with your successful property management.

Our property management team in Burgess Hill can’t wait to help you realise your goals.

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