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Wishtower delivers in-depth property management know-how to Brighton, offering real estate owners and administrators the services they need.

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Though managing property is a multifaceted service delivery, effective delivery rests primarily on open and precise dialogue.

We recognise that your property is hugely important, and you wish to be kept in the loop throughout the process. This information is a core requirement, but sadly it is also the point where other property management firms in Brighton fail.

You can rely on our commitment to accountability and sheer hard work. We adhere to stringent standards of conduct; we’re committed to working for you. That’s why our customers pick us, refer us on, and choose us again and again.

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“Excellent communication – every step, we were updated (phone, email etc). First class service throughout.”

Directors of POM

Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

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Our Brighton property managers are skilled, knowledgeable and well-connected, so they can provide the high-level professional services you deserve.

Wishtower’s role is to empower residential property owners and leaseholders in Brighton with the necessary know-how to ensure their properties run correctly. We have been active in the area for many years and are aware of the specific demands of clients in East Sussex regarding residential and mixed-use building administration.

We’ve developed strong, enduring connections with trustworthy local contractors whose skills facilitate fast response for equipment maintenance and property upkeep. And being community-based means we can provide more than just quarterly property visits.

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Repairs. Visits. Admin.

We take on the full range of issues you will face in property management, from quick repairs to billing and credit admin. For years we’ve provided no-nonsense consultation on Section 20 and the best insurance for clients. For property management, leaseholders, and landlords in Brighton, you can trust Wishtower for all necessary support.

You know the condition of your property through our updates about the building, enabling you to plan your budgeting for the future. We establish connections with all involved parties.

Maybe you currently live in a property, or own it and want to make the best out of it. Wishtower has the expertise to lead you there.

Naturally, we draw on our knowledge as chartered surveyors and certified IRPM managers, delivering you the excellent customer service you expect. Our credentials are underpinned by our professional affiliations. But we’re also on the ground using good old common sense and an attitude of treating people with common courtesy.

The skills we’ve developed over the years allow us to keep your property in Brighton operating at high level, whatever the bumps in the road.

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Why settle for 80%? Get the #Extra20

“Excellent service – quick, accurate and genuinely seemed to care about us. Always kept up informed as to what was going on.”

Ms. F. Wallis

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Our focus is to exceed people’s expectations. When we get an e-mail or phone call to say thanks for our efforts, it makes it all worth it. We view residential property management as an effective alliance built on reciprocal respect and professionalism.

We’re there to do what makes your life easier. Whenever a client gets in touch to thank us for our work, it reminds us that our efforts are appreciated. We regard residential property management as an efficient partnership based on mutual professional and courtesy.

For property management in Brighton, landlords call on us. We’re always there to answer your call or e-mail. Chat with one of our specialists directly and they will give you advice and solutions for property management.

We have successfully managed property in the Brighton locality for many years – now let us do the same for you.

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