Freeholders and directors of RTM Companies or RMCs of residential properties in Bexhill trust Wishtower for property management. Our company has extensive experience in Bexhill and surrounding areas, offering satisfied clients the services they need.

Established in 2009, the Wishtower residential property team has years of experience supporting people in Bexhill across the  sector.

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How we serve you

Although property management services are multifaceted, efficient property administration is primarily built on clarity and accuracy of dialogue.

We understand that uncertainty is unsettling and so we commit to ensuring you stay in the loop. This is a core concern for many clients, and one where we find that other property management firms in and around Bexhill struggle.

Our ethos is responsibility and sheer hard work. We operate according to the most rigorous professional and ethical guidelines, and we are here to assist you. That’s why our clients rely on us, refer us to others and use our services on an ongoing basis.

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“Earlier this year the directors of our block of flats in central Eastbourne instructed Wishtower. The enthusiasm and knowledge that they applied in tackling the numerous problems left by the previous agents was eye opening. There’s still some way to go to resolving all our problems, but I personally have no doubt our block, of 26 flats, is in the best hands possible.”

Mr R. Hopkins, RTM director

Commercial and residential property management in Sussex

The complete service

Our property management agents in Bexhill are skilled, experienced, and connected, so they can deliver the high-quality service you deserve.

Wishtower is dedicated to bringing the local property management services sought by building owners and directors in Bexhill. We have operated in this area for years and recognise East Sussex clients’ specific challenges.

We believe being local is key. We have developed long-term partnerships with trustworthy local contractors whose specialist know-how guarantees that effective servicing, appliance checks and repairs are performed swiftly. Being local also means we can carry out more than mere quarterly visits – we’re on site far more frequently to stay ahead of the game and maintain relationships with all parties concerned.

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Rent; repairs; regulations. Sorted

We handle all angles of residential property management, from urgent repairs and scheduled maintenance to service charges, credit control and arrears management.

We provide no-nonsense advice on areas such as Section 20 Consultation and, where property management is concerned, building proprietors in Bexhill can be sure that we use our knowledge to good effect as well as providing all the expected services.

We are at your disposal no matter what role you play for the building. We view residential property management as an effective collaboration built on mutual professionalism and respect. We act on your behalf, and with your best interests in mind, for the smooth operation of your property in Bexhill.

Of course, we call on our expertise as Chartered Surveyors and qualified IRPM practitioners so our clientele can trust that we fulfil all the obligations set-out by our professional accreditations. And whilst we’re adhering to the regulations, we also take pains to ensure that we apply our common sense for pragmatic solutions.

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Why settle for 80%? Get the #Extra20

“Excellent service – quick, accurate and genuinely seemed to care about us. Always kept up informed as to what was going on.”

Ms. F. Wallis

Going further

We strive to surpass expectations. When we get a phone call saying thank you for our diligence, it makes the extra effort we take worthwhile.

You can rely on us for property management in Bexhill. We are here for you at all times. Chat to one of our specialists in the area directly, not via a call centre. They will discuss all your property requirements and provide you with answers.

We have been devoted to the successful management of properties in the Bexhill region over many years – we’d love to be able to work with you too.

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